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Lazer Kiten

Based in ::  Salt Lake City, UT
Booking ::
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Notable Shows

Get Funky Festival 2023  ✧  Das Energi Festival 2021  ✧  Get Freaky Festival 2019  ✧ 

Utah Arts Festival 2022  ✧  Revival Festival 2021  ✧  Incandescence Festival 2019  ✧
Headlined Therapy Thursday @ SKY SLC 2023  ✧  Kawaii Rave SLC 2023  ✧  

Bikini Bottom Rave SLC 2023  ✧  Shrek Rave SLC 2022 & 2023  ✧ 

BlaqVoid x AK: PRIDE AfterParty 2023  ✧  Utah Pride Fest AfterParty 2022  ✧  

Headlined Therapy Thursday @ SKY SLC 2022  ✧  ShredFest Official AfterParty 2019  ✧  

'Amplify Her' Film Tour SLC AfterParty 2018  ✧  

Support Sets

Tinlicker  ✧  Nostalgix  ✧  Gem & Tauri  ✧  Mija  ✧  Walker & Royce  ✧  EMBRZ  ✧  Croatia Squad  ✧  Corrupt UK  ✧  Volac  ✧  Fetish  ✧  Mercer  ✧  Ghastly  ✧  Flow & Zeo  ✧  Rad Cat  ✧ 

Wala  ✧  Luke Alexander  ✧  88 Palms  ✧ 

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Producer, DJ, and Founder of Occult Cats Records.

Lazer Kitten has been making dance floors come alive throughout the Salt Lake valley for years.

Starting her career in 2015 she has become a well known force in the Utah EDM community by hosting her own event series called SANCTUARY, with the goal of creating a safe place to party and help showcase local artists from our community.

She regularly performs major festivals, club nights, and pop-up events, bringing her personal style of Bass House and Melodic Tech House, paired with a bad bitch vibe.

With releases on not only her own label, but on Firaga Records as well, she has co-produced an officially licensed Pokémon Remix Album (VGM Essencials: Pokemon Remixed 2022)

Original Music

Neon Soul (Tech House)

U MAD (Drift Phonk)

So Down (Deep House)

Neko's Garden (Deep House)

Chasing The Sun (Deep Bass House)

DJ Sets

Based in ::  Salt Lake City, UT
Booking ::
Management ::


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 The same day gamers around the world get their hands on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet comes a new remix compilation album, VGM Essentials: Pokémon Remixed, from Firaga Records and Occult Cats. The theme songs associated with in-game locations like "Pokémon Center" by Lazer Kitten

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Lazer Kitten = Bjøn Torske + Drexciya
Lazer Kitten’s “Fur Real” makes good on the promise of its cover art—tropical pastels, laser-jetting cat eyes and stock photos of summery fruit beget the track’s lively house rhythms and transportive atmosphere. The staccato piano chords jolt at the opening, washed over in a windswept reverb as they melt into the track’s gelatinous bass line. 

|  SLUG Magazine  |

Funky! That’s what this track is. In a very clubby way. I get Daft Punk vibes from this little gem, released by the DJ and producer Lazer Kitten from the US of A.

|  Beat Radar  |

She is an SLC, Utah resident who is clawing her way to the upper echelon tiers of local artists. Her housey and upbeat tunes are solidifying her spots in shows some people drool over.

|  Monsoon Season  |

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