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Notable Shows

BlaqVoid 'Rage Cage' 2022  |  Utah Arts Festival 2022

Art+Sky 'Spectrum' 2022  |  OCR SANCTUARY 2021-2022 

Support Sets

Jayceeoh  |  Saka  |  Jon Casey  |  Kumarion  |  Delta Heavy

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Born of Native American and Danish ancestry, and residing in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. La/Na has only just begun to chisel out his mark in the Drum & Bass multi-verse.

Bringing forth psychotic expressions of his own mind, there is only one place La/Na aims to take you - To your deepest traumas and back out again.

Based in ::  Salt Lake City, UT
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DJ Sets

No Problems No Pain


Celeri - S/M (La/Na Remix)


Original Music